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No one should ever have to face the World alone. The Ellabell Church of Christ offers a Haven for God's People free of denominational confusion and sectarian names. We offer a place to worship Our Lord as Christians have been doing for almost 2000 years. Are you tired of the confusion of the religious world today? We are too. Come and be a Christian. Search our site as much as you wish and contact us if we can help in your own search for Jesus Christ. If you are nearby, come be a part of us. If not, we can help you find God's people in your area.


Please feel free to look around as long as you like. You are invited to sign our guestbook before you leave. There are no cookies so we won't know you have been here until you sign. This site is designed to be of help to you on your journey toward heaven. Please explore all pages and contact us with any questions or comments.

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Ellabell's Preachers - Bob Emsweller & Joe Holloway - Brother Bob turned 95. Brother Jim Wadsworth and Sister Clarisse Wadsworth took the picture. Of course Joe put it here. 

Who Am I? Play it-you'll be glad you did! (Thanks Brother Wilson of Raytown

Jerusalem - an IMAX tour of Jerusalem - watch fullscreen-  Thanks Brother David and Sister Kathy Williams of the Statesboro Church of Christ

West African Missions

 Since 2004, The Church in Ellabell has supported mission work in Nigeria and Cameroon. See Our Missions Site

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We broadcast our services online through You Tube Live or you may join us through Zoom Meetings. You can watch and listen through You Tube. With Zoom Meeting, you can hear listen and interact during our Bible Studies.

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